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This holistic approach communicates a consistent and compelling message of a brands vision and goals. Our targeted programs are strategically designed to reach the audience at every consumer touch-point. Everything from naming your company, brand strategy to full identity packages.

Web and Interactive Design

In the midst of the flurry and the noise, the interactive medium offers innovative brand building opportunities with incredible reach. We believe in creating user experiences with intelligence and substance.

Graphic Design

Let imagination take over. Effective design solutions transcend the obvious, their message captures your attention and forces you to stop and think. ADP Studio’s solutions are far from predictable, which is why the results are far from ordinary.

Strategy and Marketing

Creative possibilities are not solutions unless they are strategically sound. Our team provides strategic insight as a specific deliverable for assignments both large and small, it is the foundation of our creative process.


Advertising is the most visible and pervasive branding medium. We focus on creating awareness and developing loyalty in advertising – an approach that is considerate of a brand’s entire communication scheme for short and long term objectives.

A/E/C Industry

Specializing in the field of Architectural, Engineering and Construction we handle every marketing communication, from stationery to web; qualifications packages to PowerPoint presentations; brochures, advertising, and direct mail.

Fresh Ideas in Design

Looking to break through the clutter with compelling strategy and conceptual ideas in unique, engaging ways? People are more aware of design than ever before. Whatever the service or product, whatever the use or value, an intangible context surrounds all interactions. Successful businesses realize that to be seen in the marketplace they must not only have a quality and unique product but also put value to their brand and invest the necessary resources to enhance both. A brand today is not just a name or logo to identify your product. It is a strategy to differentiate and position in the minds of consumers. It’s a marketing tool where company resources are invested in advertising campaigns. It is a corporate asset that raises your company’s valuations. In short brands are the single most important factor that needs to reside in the minds of target consumers.

Working with Us

ADP Studios offers a complimentary, initial discovery meeting to get a snapshot of your strategic design, brand and technology needs. From there, we propose solutions based on our recommendations for solving your problem.

During our discovery period we believe in an honest dialogue about your needs. We seek to solve your core marketing, communication or web site problem(s) first and foremost. If there are other considerations to your decision-making process we incorporate that into our discovery process. Ultimately, this transparent communication will result in a greater value for both parties, as we can tailor the proposal to meet not only your design and technology needs but also your budget and time requirements as well.

We are innovative entrepreneurs and are passionate about both our clients’ business success and the quality of work we design on their behalf. With over 30 years of business expertise, we are highly selective about who we work with and our clients list remains short so that we can be deeply and personally involve in every relationship.

A Word on Investment

Though we are cost-competitive, if you are seeking a bare-bones, cheap solution, we are probably not the firm for you. We emphasize value over price or cost. Our design, marketing and technical strategies create great economic value for our customers. In exchange for value we seek fair compensation. When we are asked to calculate program costs, we base our estimates on three dimensions: complexity of scope, time requirements and current workload. We also track project times and base our estimates on similar historical data.

For small businesses and new ventures with restricted working capital we offer flexible service options and payment terms to make our solutions more accessible. We also maintain special rates for non-profit organizations and philanthropic causes.

What's the Story Behind the Lizard?

Everybody asks this question – usually with a smile – when they first see it. Frankly, that smile was a large part of our intent.

In an industry with so many companies that sound alike and look alike, we wanted to be known for our unique style and approach. Over the 20 years that we’ve used the lizard, we’ve found that the mark makes a particularly apt metaphor for who we are and how we work.

The lizard is simple, graceful and colorful. It easily transcends cultural boundaries. In some Asian cultures they revere the lizard and have positive beliefs associated with them. Like ADP, the lizard is adaptable. It can stay small or grow larger as its environment allows. We, too, are able to scale to the right size for any opportunity, large or small.

That’s how our lizard became a distinctive symbol, one that embodies the creative energy and easy approachability of ADP and our company.

Perhaps most important, it makes people remember us and smile.

Susan has the ability to work with very little direction. She patiently listens to streams of consciousness and somehow is able to extract key points.

Alexandra Brown, Experienced marketing professional in the AEC industry

…for more than a decade, I have had the pleasure of working with her on countless projects. These projects ranged from branding, web design, brochure development and project specific templates. When you hire Susan, you get a high end designer with a creative mind all at a reasonable cost.

Katie Fitzpatrick CEO / Owner, Caden Group

Susan is possibly the best graphic designer I have ever worked with. Her ability to translate my ideas onto the page never ceased to amaze me. She always came back with exactly what I was looking for.

Anne Jennings Paris, Writer, Artist, Educator

Susan Julien never ceases to amaze me! Her creativity is second to none. Susan understands concepts and marketing strategies in planning stages, listens to her clients, and then works her magic on the most creative and professional collateral and web designs I have ever seen.

Sue Jones, Promotional Products

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